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Burger Maker Attachment Automatic
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Burger Maker Attachment Automatic
SKU: 300-07-0901
Brand: LEM

The LEM Automatic universal patty maker attachment connects to all LEM meat grinders and most standard manufacturer meat grinding units. This automatic burger patty maker attachment makes up to 20 patties per minute. You can use the LEM automatic burger patty maker attachment to quickly and easy form perfect patties with fresh ground meat.

LEM Automatic Rapid Burger Patty Maker Attachment Details:
* Connects to meat grinder and forms patties as you grind
* Patty Maker Measures 4" diameter by 3/4: thick
* Includes 5 attachment funnels to easily connect to #5 #8 #10/12 #20 #32 meat grinders.
* Makes up to 20 Patties per minute

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