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SAUSAGE STUFFER CHOP-RITE 8 QT<br>**Parts Available!
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**Parts Available!
SKU: 500-35LP


Model #35 Cast Iron Sausage Stuffing Machine. Complete with juice strainer basket and plate.
8 Quart Capacity
Holds Roughly 16 Lbs of meat!
*NOTE: Special Order Only!

So You Found A Used One But It Is Missing Parts! We Probably Have Them! The following Parts Are Available For The 8 Quart Stuffer:
#1: Arch---$156.31
#2: Optional Small Plunger Plate---$59.79
#3: Large Plunger Plate---$59.79
#4: Body---$268.80
#6: Optional Strainer Basket---$89.99
#7: Optional Strainer Plate---$30.25
#8: Rack Screw---$89.16
#9: Side Bolt Left---$18.70
#10: Spout Holder---$19.98
#11: Stuffing tube (3/8", 1/2", 3/4")---$11.98 each
#12: Side Bolt Right---$18.70
#13: Crank---$20.29
#14: Small Cog Gear---$49.00
#15: Large Cog Gear---$49.00

Please call for availability and pricing on these parts. 1-800-776-9921

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