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50# Stainless Steel Meat Mixer Tilting
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50# Stainless Steel Meat Mixer Tilting
SKU: 500-6020
Brand: LEM

50 LB Tilting Meat Mixer. Meat tub has three tilt positions: tilt 90 degrees for easy unloading, tilt to 115 degrees and tilt to 180 degrees for storage. Fully removable meat tub for easiest clean up ever. Flip-up latch for easy detachment of tub. Water-tight gear box includes glass roller bearings and step gear providing powerful torque for paddles to move meat. Swivel feet adjust to uneven surfaces. Universal drive shaft allows mixers to attach to any current and most previous model LEM Stainless Steel grinder purchased after 2001. 50 lb. will attach to any LEM Grinder .75HP or larger. Legs adjust for height. Includes plexiglass cover. Handle included. Motor NOT included.

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