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Smokie Seasoning for 25 LBS
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Smokie Seasoning for 25 LBS
SKU: 210-095225
Brand: Michlitch

Whether you are making little cocktail smokies, dinner links or chubs, these hickory smoked flavored sausages are a delicious and convenient meaty snack. This mix will produce a mild flavored sausage which is a gourmet's delight. Cook in a smokehouse for additional smoke flavor or package fresh and freeze until you are ready to cook and eat. Nitrite cure is packaged separately. This package will make 25 pounds of delicious smokie sausage.

Salt, white pepper, natural hickory smoke flavor (hickory smoke, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide), milk powder, corn syrup solids, dextrose, spices, paprika, sugar

Salt, Sodium Nitrite, #3 Red, <1% glycerin

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