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Zip Net Roll #28
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Zip Net Roll #28
SKU: 103-0400


#28 Meat Netting Meat Netting is elastic and is used to hold meats in shape for smoking or roasting. Each roll of netting is USDA approved and measures 150 ft. in length.
Max temperature 350 degrees F.
Lay flat size - 2-1/2"
Stuffing dia. - 5"
Choose the right size diameter from the following listing.
#12- Pork Loins - Deer Tenders
#14 or #16 - Pork butts
#16 or #18 - Chickens, leg or shoulder of veal, lamb shoulder, pork butts, fresh hams or rolled picnics and boneless turkey breast, boneless turkey roll
#18 or #20 - Netting is used for larger roasts, briskets sirloin tip, heel of round, boneless Boston chuck, boneless Boston, boneless rump roasts and larger shoulders or boneless turkey
#20 or #22 - Smoked hams
#24 or #28 - Larger hams

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